15 October 2012 2 Comments

Four Centuries of Mormon Stories.

Years ago, when I was pursuing my undergrad degree, I studied English. I had planned since I read my first books to write them. I wrote stories all the time. I loved going to the theatre, and going to movies, but I didn’t think about writing for those media the way I thought about writing […]

27 May 2012 1 Comment


This week I have had more opportunities than usual to share my faith and opinions with people I don’t know terribly well. Wednesday morning, along with my good friends James and Nicole Goldberg, I was invited to participate on a panel of Latter-day Saints for a live broadcast produced by the BBC, particularly the podcast/radio […]

7 November 2011 2 Comments

A Psalm.

A week ago tomorrow my maternal grandmother passed away. Tomorrow morning is the funeral. The part my mother asked me to play in things was to help put together the program for the service, and to blow up and print one of my grandparents’ wedding photos. I scanned in the original, which was a slightly damaged […]