14 August 2013 0 Comments

Lizzy and Lottie

This is a scene from Pride and Prejudice. We are at the Meryton assembly, pharm and Elizabeth has just overheard Darcy call her “tolerable”. ELIZABETH Goodness, physician you’d think something crawled into his supper and died. CHARLOTTE I can’t even—Did you hear what he said? ELIZABETH I did. Likely he doesn’t dance because he’s bad […]

11 September 2012 2 Comments

My New Favorite Thing.

Over the weekend I discovered this web series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and I absolutely fell in love with it. The writing is very clever, and I think the casting and acting are spot on. I think Ashley Clements is compelling and super-likable as Lizzie; later on in the series she gets to show her dramatic […]

15 April 2011 3 Comments

Closing Night Withdrawal. Again.

It’s been too long since I did this last, I know. I’m so good at getting swept up and then left behind. The last couple of months have been a ride, and now I have to be a grown-up and deal with the fallout. The show at BYU went well. Really, really well. Try this […]

20 January 2011 3 Comments

Back in Rehearsal.

So much for the New Year’s resolution of blogging more regularly. I’ve been slightly distracted as of late, but for very good reason; hopefully it will provide fodder for more frequent posting. The very good reason is this: Jane Austen’s Persuasion has gone into rehearsal. Yay! Yikes. Wow. There are already posters up in the […]

15 August 2007 0 Comments

Inky Fingers.

I suppose I shouldn’t have enjoyed Becoming Jane nearly as much as I did. The story isn’t the strongest, capsule buy and it seems to be following quite closely in the footsteps of the most recent adaptations of Miss Austen’s own work; I think it’s an attempt to convince fans that Austen’s own experience was […]