Out on the Pacific in the Princess suite of a cruise ship, Pinky Velvet Montalban discovers she has the power to heal—everyone but herself. A mail-order bride, Pinky ends up in suburban Texas—five thousand miles from home and being fashioned into a saint. A dark comedy about the limits of faith, the gift of life, and funeral potatoes.


New York, 1916. Max is a young woman trying to break into the infant movie industry while her best friend, Samantha, is on her way to a theatrical acting career. Controversy fuels the success of Max’s first picture, but at the risk of Samantha’s reputation—and their friendship.


Meg Lee was a childhood friend of Anne Boleyn, the famous second wife of Henry VIII. The play parallels Meg’s lesser known courtship alongside Anne’s famous one, focusing on the friendship that binds these two women together despite all odds.

Mel’s first produced play, Lady in Waiting won the Lewis National Playwriting Contest for Women.


Claire and Brennan have been best friends for years. But when the two are brought back together after two years apart, Claire wonders if the feelings she has for Brennan might go beyond friendship.

Winner of the 2009 Association for Mormon Letters Drama award. Little Happy Secrets is available as part of the Peculiar Pages anthology Out of the Mount: 19 from New Play Project


The story of Catherine, a Christian martyr who, after her death, is assigned to guide a young peasant girl as she becomes the woman history will revere as Joan of Arc. Accompanying Joan throughout her legendary career, Catherine finds that her influence directly affects the girl’s successes and failures. As Joan spirals toward the inevitable, Catherine questions her assignment and, ultimately, her own faith.

Winner of the IRAM award for Best New Play, and recognized for Meritorious Achievement by KC/ACTF Region VIII. Martyrs’ Crossing is available for purchase as part of the Zarahemla Books anthology Saints on Stage


Adapted from Jane Austen’s beloved final novel, Persuasion is a bittersweet story of first love and second chances. Anne Elliot, persuaded by duty and title to give up marriage at a younger age, now finds herself face to face with the man she once refused. By turns heartbreaking and hilarious, this new take on Austen’s quiet masterpiece is refreshingly theatrical while remaining faithful to the original text.


Full of distinct characters, sparkling wit, and timeless romance, Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice returns to the stage in this crisp, new adaptation. Almost from their first meeting, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself at odds with the reticent Mr. Darcy. She finds him cold and arrogant while he disapproves of her family and social standing. Despite his pride and her prejudice—or is it her pride, and his prejudice?—Elizabeth and Darcy can’t seem to avoid each other’s company. Brought together by a series of events beyond their control, both must reconsider their first impressions.


Ben and Grace have been married for three years. Problem is, he’s slept through two of them. A contemporary love story that moves between the waking world, the online community, and dreams, Standing Still Standing shows the strains chronic fatigue syndrome can put on a man’s life and marriage. This is a comedy about love and life — and staying awake for both.

Winner of the 2002 Vera Hinckley Mayhew award, and of an Honorable Mention in Drama from the Association for Mormon Letters. Mel’s 2006 screen adaptation won the LDS Film Festival Screenwriting Contest. 



  • chrliechaz

    I liked Sevigny’s dress. It just needed a little tweaking.

  • Mel Leilani

    I didn’t dislike it. I just thought it had distinct jellyfish tendencies. :)

  • Natasha

    I had a crush on Amanda Peet in Studio 60. I left that part out, your last post, but tonight’s seemed to call for it.

    I used to eat Junior Mints at the movies with my mom when I was a kid. Rare happy memory. Which makes them bittersweet sweets.

  • Greg

    Three cheers for Thomas Newman! 10 Oscar noms and never won. Appears to following in the footsteps of his cousin Randy. And his only score this year is for “Brothers,” so I’m not optimistic. At least he’s won an Emmy (six feet under title theme).

    I hope some day to win a “YOU ROCK” award. Alas, since you didn’t see anything of mine this year, I am not eligible… last year of eligibility would’ve been ’06, for “Bloody Lies.” Must rectify that some day.

  • @emllewellyn

    Also Thomas Newman wrote Wall-E. So, there’s that.