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2015 was the year that I…

Ran and called a pretty great dance show (Graham Brown’s You) and my first opera (The Barber of Seville for Utah Lyric Opera).

Retired from stage management.

Started a new day job.

Made a web-series (iJane).

Finished my second commission (The Edible Complex for Plan-B Theatre).

Was invited to submit to the Humana Festival.

Bought my first new car.

Received my first world premiere at a professional theatre company (Pilot Program at Plan-B).

Saw that world premiere run sell out.

Gained a deeper appreciation for Mormon History.

Saw my first feature film (Freetown) completed, theatrically released, and premiered in Accra, Ghana.

Appeared on RadioWest, BYU Radio, The Cultural Hall, and The Good Word.

Was named as “a major figure in the Utah Enlightenment” (Thank you, Les Roka and The Utah Review).

Got to write with some very expensive pens (thanks, Matt and the Pen Habit).

Got shafted, rejected, and passed over.

Learned from it.

Impulsively took myself to New York for a whirlwind birthday celebration and experienced some fabulous Broadway magic (Hamilton, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, and Fun Home.)

Was nominated for Best Original Play (Thanks, City Weekly).

Was nominated for Best Screenplay by the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice awards and the Ghana Movie Awards.

WON the Ghana Movie Award for Best Screenplay (in the same ceremony alongside Cary Fukunoga and Idris Elba. Dreamy).

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