2 June 2012 4 Comments


Okay, so you may think this is a ridiculous post. But I think it’s important for me to say this stuff aloud, so here goes. Whatcha going to do to stop me?

Writing is happening. I’m staying up way too late but it’s okay because I’m making stuff. And I’m really pleased with where it’s going. It’s good. A little crazy, a little out there—but good.

Had a theatre in California request a copy of Persuasion.

Going to shoot a short film before the summer is up. 

Four new adaptations in the works—two plays, one musical, and a film—with a reading slated for August.

Considering doing script-doctoring/consulting for a day job. (Pay me and I’ll tear your play or screenplay to BITS. #evil laugh)

Remember when I said it was going to be a productive summer?

Yep. 😉

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  • Julie Saunders


    Also, not to split hairs, but I think you mean you want to do script notes or analysis/coverage? The use of “script doctor” that I’m familiar with is when someone brings in a (usually uncredited) writer to rewrite a screenplay that isn’t working. Not that that’s a bad job either.

    • I think there is a range. Giving notes all the way to ghost-writing. I’m game, especially for pay.

  • GM52246

    Well, dang! You is busy.

    Next step: Move to L.A. so’s you can sell TV & film work.

    • Hey Greg! That is definitely part of the plan. I didn’t add the TV pilot to the list because it’s not quite in the place to show anyone yet… But it’s certainly in the works. *fingers crossed*