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Mel’s YOU ROCK Awards.

So tonight, watching the Golden Globes, I found myself wondering if I could make random people in the world uncharacteristically angry by giving grandiose awards to movies and movie stars I like rather than the ones they like… Hmm. It gave me pause. At the end of the telecast, when Ricky Gervais was looking rather brassed (take it to mean pissed or drunk; perhaps a combination of the two) and Avatar had just been named the Best Motion Picture Drama, I drafted a tweet and sent it off:

@young_victoria Maybe I should start my own award show. I shall send Emily Blunt a box of Junior Mints with a card that says “YOU ROCK.”

And I thought, “Maybe I should start my own award show.” I mean, I’m opinionated, right? I get passionate about the things that I like. The problem is I can’t afford to give out fancy little golden statuettes; not even just one. Silly little student loans. So a box of Junior Mints (something I love nearly as much as I love Emily Blunt) seems both appropriate and practical.

Now, naturally, these awards are biased in a number of ways: for starts, I can only nominate things and performances I’ve seen. And that shorter-than-people-living-in-L.A.-or-N.Y.C. list gets shorter because there are things I’ve seen this year that I don’t like. Also, the categories are probably random and ridiculous… but this is my blog, right? So I can be random and ridiculous all I like. Ta frakking da. Without further ado to say much about…


Favorite actress in a bio-drama: Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia.

Favorite actress in a bio-drama that isn’t Meryl Streep: Emily Blunt in Young Victoria.

Favorite actress in TV series that I miss because it was unjustly cancelled several years back: Amanda Peet in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Favorite Joss Whedon show currently getting cancelled by Fox: Dollhouse.

Favorite Joss Whedon show ever cancelled by Fox: Firefly.

Favorite comic book that will get made into a bad movie because Joss Whedon walked away due to creative differences with the producers: Wonder Woman.

New comedy I’m looking forward to checking out online because I haven’t had a chance to keep up: Better Off Ted.

Favorite actor who never seems to get any award love though his show wins everything: Jon Hamm in Mad Men.

Favorite fictional U.S. President: Josiah Bartlett (Martin Sheen) from The West Wing.

Most underrated film composer: Thomas Newman. Little Women, Finding Nemo, American Beauty, Road to Perdition… The list goes on and on, and yet he’s yet to win an Oscar. I can listen to Little Women over and and over. I was really glad to see Michael Giacchino (sp?) win for his tearjerking score (Up), but where’s the love for Mr. Newman?

Most deserving studio when it comes to all the awards and moolah it wins: Pixar.

Best impression of a jelly fish by an actress at the Golden Globes: Chloë Sevigny.

Best award show host: Neil Patrick Harris.

Anyway, this is a pretty ridiculous entry, and those awards are all very random… Maybe I will try to set something more formal up next year. Anybody have any additions you’d like to make? You don’t get to dis my choices, BTW, or my taste. Well, I guess you can — just no Junior Mints for you. Ha.

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  • I liked Sevigny’s dress. It just needed a little tweaking.

  • I didn’t dislike it. I just thought it had distinct jellyfish tendencies. 🙂

  • I had a crush on Amanda Peet in Studio 60. I left that part out, your last post, but tonight’s seemed to call for it.

    I used to eat Junior Mints at the movies with my mom when I was a kid. Rare happy memory. Which makes them bittersweet sweets.

  • Three cheers for Thomas Newman! 10 Oscar noms and never won. Appears to following in the footsteps of his cousin Randy. And his only score this year is for “Brothers,” so I’m not optimistic. At least he’s won an Emmy (six feet under title theme).

    I hope some day to win a “YOU ROCK” award. Alas, since you didn’t see anything of mine this year, I am not eligible… last year of eligibility would’ve been ’06, for “Bloody Lies.” Must rectify that some day.

  • Also Thomas Newman wrote Wall-E. So, there’s that.

  • Angela

    Hi Melissa
    Are Persuasion scripts and royalties available to purchase?

    • Hi Angela! I just sent you an email in answer to your question. Please check your spam folder, as sometimes Gmail doesn’t like me very much.

      Thanks so much,

  • Josef Firmage

    Amazing bio. I am looking forward to getting to know your work.